Inside Rock

RUSH (Part 2) (# 037)

February 17, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 7
Inside Rock
RUSH (Part 2) (# 037)
Show Notes

RUSH (Part #2) (S3-E7)

In Part #2, The JabberGuys and ‘The GIZ’ carry on with an introspective on the rise to rock fame of the iconic band from Canada… RUSH.  Along the way the band experiments with their sound, and its members experience the highs and lows of the music industry, facing significant challenges, and overcoming personal tragedies.

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Permanent Waves (1980) - a move to shorter songs

Moving Pictures (1981) - “Tom Sawyer” and progressive rock

Signals (1982) - “New World Man” and more prominent use of synthesizers
Last album with producer Terry Brown

Grace Under Pressure (1984) - Peart experiments with Simmons electronic drums

Power Windows (1985) and Hold Your Fire (1987) - highlight Geddy’s synthesizer work

Guest female vocalist featured on Hold Your Fire - Aimee Mann, known for (“Voices Carry”)

Presto (1989) - start to return to guitar-oriented roots, and instrumentals 

Roll the Bones (1991) - Another Hugh Syme cover art masterpiece, wins best album cover art design at 1992 Junos

Counterparts (1993) - back to guitar-oriented rock (15th studio album)

Peart seeks out more innovational drum insights and hires drum coach Freddy Gruber

Test for Echo (1996) - Not one of their best

(1997 - August) - Peart’s daughter, Selena, is killed in a car accident
(1998 - June) - Peart’s wife, Jacqueline, dies of cancer

The band takes a 5-year hiatus
Peart rides 88,000 km (55,000 mi) alone on his motorcycle to mourn and reflect, and journals his experience in his book - “Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road” 

Vapor Trails (2002) - back together again, an keyboards and synthesizers not included

RUSH performs to 60,000 people in Sao Paulo, Brazil as part of their comeback tour

Snakes and Arrows (2007) - sells 93,000 units in the first week of release

(2010) - RUSH inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

Clockwork Angels (2012) - an incredible final album

(2013) - Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Alex’s Blah Blah Blah Speech 

(2015) - R40 Tour, Final show is performed at the Los Angeles Forum in August 1, 2015

(January 7, 2020) - Neil Peart dies at 67 years old, after a 4-year battle with brain cancer

INSIDE ROCK News (Week of Feb 10, 2022)
-       Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, coming out in April 2022 with a solo release - “Portals”
“On This Day”
-       (1942) First ‘Gold Album’ given to Glenn Miller as a publicity stunt (Chattanooga Choo Choo)
-       (1978) Van Halen releases first album “Van Halen”
-       (1971) Carol King releases “Tapestry”
-       (1973) Elton John’s first UK #1 - “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player” 

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