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The Vinyl Comeback (# 039)

March 17, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 9
Inside Rock
The Vinyl Comeback (# 039)
Show Notes

The Vinyl Comeback (S3-E9)

The JabberGuys Ote and Queex cover for Cha who is away this week, to talk about the resurgence of vinyl records.  Where did vinyl start, and why the growing interest from audiophiles in this music medium? 

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The various materials: (Shellac, Vinyl)

The various revolutions per minute (RPM): 78, 33 1/3, 45

Play your vinyl on quality turntables for the best sound and to protect the record.

How are you supposed to clean your vinyl?   Is the vinyl cleaning fluid all that special?

The album artwork is part of the experience of buying and enjoying vinyl.

Cassette mixed tapes relied on record players or radio play for recording songs.

So, where did the vinyl record come from?

78rpm records, made from shellac were introduced in 

(1877) Thomas Edison invented the phonograph which could record and play sound.

Early 1900s the disk was further developed and by 1925 the shellac 78rpm was the standard.

(1939) Columbia Records starts to develop vinyl technology.

By 1948, the ‘LP’ (Long play) label is successfully introduced, allowing for longer playtimes per side.

Why does the 45rpm record have a larger hole in the centre, that requires an adapter to play on your turntable?  All for the convenience of accommodating the mechanics of the jukebox, which exclusively used 45rpm records.

After their failed 1931 attempt, in 1949 RCA successfully launches the 7” fine-grooved 45rpm record format.

By the 1950s, 12” 33 1/3 vinyl becomes the standard.

(1962) Phillips introduces the cassette tape.

Where did the term “Like a Broken Record” come from?

Why is vinyl making a comeback?

Vinyl records had limitations, but many audiophiles feel that the vinyl sound is warmer with more purity.

How does a record actually produce high quality sound?  Queex briefly explains.

Vinyl has been continually picking up popularity since the early 2000s.

Vinyl sales are increasing.

Top vinyl sales in 2018 included

Guardians of the Galaxy

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Beatles - Abbey Road

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Prince - Purple Rain

Check out the holographic image on Jack White’s Lazaretto record.

Some recent popular artists are producing new vinyl records - ‘Adele 30’

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