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Purple Rain (# 040)

March 31, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 10
Inside Rock
Purple Rain (# 040)
Show Notes

Purple Rain (S3-E10)

The JabberGuys… Ote, Queex, and Cha talk about Purple Rain, the iconic album by Prince.  The integration of the song, the album, and the movie, make Purple Rain a memorable part of music history in the 1980s.

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Prince at the George Harrison Tribute (Video)

Prince and Sheila E come to the theatre (Cha’s story of his encounter with Prince)

Purple Rain the movie (1984)
Purple Rain the album (1984)
Purple Rain the song (1984)

Why did Vanity turn down being in the Purple Rain movie?
Vanity - Denise Matthews from Niagara Falls, Canada
Vanity passes away in 2016 from kidney issues brought on by years of addiction to cocaine.
Vanity and Vanity 6 are replaced by Apollonia and Apollonia 6 for the Purple Rain movie.

Prince writes “When Doves Cry” after losing to Michael Jackson at the Grammys

Duran Duran - “Girls on Film
Robin Thicke - “Blurred Lines” (unrated version)

Purple Rain Tour - 1984 (Prince and the Revolution, Apollonia 6, Sheila E Band)

Wendy Melvoin a key part of Prince’s backup band the Revolution

Purple Rain song on the album was originally recorded live in Minnesota and over-dubbed for the album.

Rolling Stone rates Purple Rain as #8 on their list of top 500 best albums

Some of the best intros to songs…
Let’s Go Crazy (Prince)
Sweet Child o Mine (Guns and Roses)
We’re an American Band (Grand Funk)

Prince changes his name to a symbol (The artist formerly known as Prince)
Prince’s real name - Prince Rogers Nelson, born June 7, 1958
Prince passes away at 57 years of age on April 21, 2016 from an accidental fentanyl overdose

Prince, the immersive experience, opening in Chicago, June 2022

Rock News (last week of March 2022)
Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer dies at 50 years old
The Grammys don’t really get rock and metal
Phil Colins and Genesis does their last live show
Neil Young and Joe Rogan SPOTIFY controversy (update)

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