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Motley Crue (Part 1) (# 043)

May 12, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 13
Inside Rock
Motley Crue (Part 1) (# 043)
Show Notes

Motley Crue (Part 1) (S3-E13)

 In Part 1 of a 2 Part episode, the JabberGuys get into the beginnings of Motley Crue.  Their dysfunctional relationships, run-ins with the law, and insane antics while on tour have earned them their “bad boys of rock” reputation.

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(1981) Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars (Bob Deal), Vince Neil
Motley Crue has sold over 100 million albums
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock

Vince Neil actually turned down the first offer to join the band, but later reconsidered.

Sixx wanted to initially call the band “Christmas”

Sixx remembered someone calling their group “a motley looking crew” ... and he later used that memory to name the band,

Motley Crue’s 1982 Canadian Tour was filled with bad behaviour, criminal antics, and ended early as a financial disaster.

(1983) Opened for KISS’s Creatures of the Night Tour, but were dropped after a few dates. Did it have something to do with members of Crue were having sex with Eric Carr’s (KISS drummer) girlfriend behind the drum kit?

(1983) “Too Fast for Love” – debut album.
Bad behaviour trashing hotels continued during their Hamburg, Germany tour.

(1983) “Shout at the Devil” album released (4x Platinum)
Controversial due to claims of devil worship. 

Ozzy Osbourne befriends members of Crue and invites them to open on his “Bark at the Moon" Tour... and the bad behaviour continued. 

In Memphis, Ozzy and Vince Neil stole a car and trashed it.

(1985) “Theatre of Pain (3rd album)

Vince Neil coming back from a liquor run, had a head-on collision and his passenger was killed. Neil was sentenced to 30 days for man slaughter and charged with a $2.5 million civil suit.

(1987) Nikki Sixx has out-of-body experience during one of his heroine over-doses and paramedics had to ‘kickstart‘ his heart, which was the inspiration for their song “Kickstart My Heart”

(1987) “Girls Girls Girls” – reaches #2 on Billboard

(1989) They hit #1 with “Dr Feelgood” album featuring the single “Kickstart My Heart”.

“Kickstart My Heart” - VIDEO

Their manager convinces the band members to enter rehab before they end up in body bags

Bob Rock (Producer) made them record their parts separately (Dr. Feelgood) because of too much in-fighting

Many more great stories about Motley Crue... so let’s do a Part 2.

Rock News for the 2nd week of May 2022
1)    Music loses Naomi Judd and Mickey Gilley
2)    Baby born at Metallica concert in Brazil during “Enter Sandman”
3)    Scorpions and Whitesnake touring together this fall

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