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Motley Crue (Part 2) (# 044)

May 26, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 14
Inside Rock
Motley Crue (Part 2) (# 044)
Show Notes

Motley Crue (Part 2) (S3-E14)

In Part 2, the JabberGuys talk about Motley Crue’s disfunctional band member relationships, and their crazy and criminal behaviour that has earned them their depraved reputation. You won’t believe some of these stories.

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Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Vince Neil leaves the band in 1997 (Quit or Fired?)

Elektra label drops the band, and the band creates their own label - “Motley Crue”

(1998-1999) Release of compilation and re-mastered albums

(2001 autobiography – “The Dirt”) – (YouTube)

The incident on the 2004 Tonight Show’s New Year’s Eve Show (YouTube)

News (3rd week of May 2022)
-       Vangelis dies at 79
-        (On this day in 1979) Eric Clapton party features many well-known musicians including 3 of the Beatles
-       Eric Clapton tests positive for Covid after being vaccinated and regretting the jab

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