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Memorable Moments: 1970s (Part 1) (S1-E6)

December 17, 2020 JabberGuys Season 1 Episode 6
Inside Rock
Memorable Moments: 1970s (Part 1) (S1-E6)
Show Notes

Memorable Moments: 1970's (Part 1) (S1-E6)

The JabberGuys revisit some memorable moments from the 1970s, one of the greatest decades of rock music that gave birth to classic rock.  This episode (Part 1) covers 1970-1974. 

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Black Sabbath debut album (Feb 1970)
Breakup of the Beatles (1970)
Paul’s interview (April 1970)

Isle of Wight Festival (1970)

Simon & Garfunkel breakup (1970)
Bridge Over Troubled Water hits #1 (Feb 1970)
Tom and Jerry: Hey School Girl (1957)

Jimi Hendrix: (1942-1970)
Janis Joplin: (1943-1970)
Jim Morrison, the Doors: (1943-1971)

Phantom of the Paradise: Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye
George Harrison, Concert for Bangladesh, Madison Square Garden (Aug 1971)
Progressive Rock…. YES  (Fragile: released Nov 1971)
Grand Funk (Railroad) breaks record at Shea Stadium (June 1971)
Chuck Berry: My Ding-a-Ling hits #1 (1972)

John Lennon’s visa expires (1971-1972)

New Year's Rockin' Eve (1972-1973)
Midnight Special TV Show (Special in Aug 1972, TV series premiers Feb 1973)
Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert (Premiers Sept 27, 1973)

Jim Croce: (1943-1973)
King Biscuit Flower Hour debut (1973)
Led Zeppelin launch - Swan Song (1974)
Dylan returns to the stage backed by the Band (1974)
Mama Cass Elliot: (1941-1974)
Jerry Lewis – “The Geisha Boy” … Harry the rabbit
Lennon joins Elton John on stage Madison Square Garden (Nov 1974)

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