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Name That 70s Band/Artist (# 020)

July 05, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 5
Inside Rock
Name That 70s Band/Artist (# 020)
Show Notes

Name That 70s Band/Artist (S2-E5)

Another quiz show format with the JabberGuys providing clues for you to guess along to name that band or artist from one of the best decades for rock music, the 1970s.  Listen to the podcast to see how many you can identify!

We don’t want to give away the answers to the 1970s quiz in the show notes…. So, you will need to listen to the podcast episode to get the details.

You can also listen to some great 70s playlists from our previous episodes on the 1970s…

1)    Memorable Moments: 1970s (Part 1) - SPOTIFY

2)    Memorable Moments: 1970s (Part 2) - SPOTIFY

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