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Charlie Watts - The Rolling Stones (# 025)

September 01, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 10
Inside Rock
Charlie Watts - The Rolling Stones (# 025)
Show Notes

Charlie Watts (S2-E10)

Inside Rock and the JabberGuys pay tribute to the late Charlies Watts, the drummer for the Rolling Stones for 58 years.

August 24, 2021 - Charlie Watts passes away at the age of 80.

Second person to die from the Stones … Brian Jones dies under suspicious circumstances (1969)

Only 3 members have played on all of the Rolling Stones studio albums … Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts

Started with the band in 1963

Charlie was a graphic artist before he joined the band

Charlie had the ‘Charlie Watts Quintet’ 

Charlie’s first music love … jazz and blues

The Rolling Stones band was originally called the ‘Blues Boys’

Charlie has been married since 1964 to the same woman for 57 years … Shirley Ann Shepard

Charlie Watts loved his oatmeal, and Keith opted for Jack Daniels

Charlie had some substance abuse issues in the 80s

During the time when the band members weren’t getting along, and Mick suggested that he was going to pursue a solo career, which didn’t sit well with Keith and Charlie.

Mick called Charlie in his hotel room asking … “Where’s my drummer”.   Charlie responded by coming down to Mick’s room and punching him.  “Don’t ever call me YOUR drummer again.”

Charlie had to be convinced to join Mick and Keith in the band in 1963, since he was already in another band.

The upcoming Filter Tour was to be the first time that Charlie was going to miss some of the band’s gigs.

After falling down a flight of stairs and breaking his ankle, Charlie went cold turkey and gave up everything, smoking, drinking, drugs.

Charlie survived throat cancer in 2004

Charlie sketched every bed in the hotel rooms he has slept in … a little quirky?

Charlie and his wife owned a horse breeding farm

Charlie’s net worth when he died was estimated to be about $250 million

To loosen up before gigs Charlie would perform a series of hip wiggles he got from show girls 

Charlie had a collection of suits and vintage cars.   Unfortunately, Charlie never had a drivers’ license.   (According to the Rolling Stones Documentary

Cha got stung by a bee before the show.  Don’t kill bees!

Charlie was comfortable being in the background, and didn’t want to perform drum solos

Who will replace Charlie Watts in the Rolling Stones lineup?   Time will tell…

The JabberGuys reflect on seeing the Rolling Stones in concert at the Toronto Skydome

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