Inside Rock

Controversial Songs (# 028)

October 14, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 13
Inside Rock
Controversial Songs (# 028)
Show Notes

Controversial Songs (S2-E13)

On this episode of Inside Rock, the JabberGuys identify some of the most controversial songs from music history as far back as 1939, to present day.

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“Strange Fruit” - Billie Holiday (1939)

Do you know the proper lyrics to the songs you sing?

“Puff the Magic Dragon” - Peter, Paul and Mary (1963)

(H.R. Pufnstuff theme song added to the playlist…. Just for fun.)

“Imagine” - John Lennon (1971)

“God Save the Queen” - Sex Pistols (1977)

“Suicide Solution” - Ozzy Osbourne (1980)

“Blurred Lines” - Robin Thick (2013) (Unrated music video)

“Goodbye Earl” - Dixie Chicks (1999) (Official music video)

“Stan” - Eminem (2000)

“Cop Killer” - Body Count (1992)

“We Can’t Stop” - Miley Cyrus (2013) (Music video)
(Hannah Montana theme song)

“My Ding-a-ling” - Chuck Berry (1972)

“American Skin (41 shots)” - Bruce Springsteen (2000)

“Short People” - Randy Newman (1977)

Special request by Queex: “Guilty” - Nazareth (Written by Randy Newman)

“WAP” - Cardi B (2020)
(Unrated music video) and (Song lyrics)

Rock News

-       Diamond Dave (David Lee Roth) announces his retirement

-       R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering

-       Tears for Fears after 17 years will bring out another album in Feb 2022.

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