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Hidden Messages in Rock (# 031)

November 25, 2021 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 1
Inside Rock
Hidden Messages in Rock (# 031)
Show Notes

Hidden Messages in Rock (S3-E1)

The JabberGuys investigate some of the backwards-masking hidden in songs in Rock Music.   Some were intentional, but many deny having anything to do with the disturbing backwards messages discovered in their songs.  Is this connected to Satanic worship?  Listen in and make your own decision.

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“Subliminal Messaging” 

Queen - “Another One Bites the Dust”
Message - “It’s Fun to Smoke Marijuana”

Hidden messages connected to Satan?

Judas Priest - “Better By You Better Than Me”
Message - “Do It”, “Off Yourself”

Eagles - “Hotel California”
Message - “Yes Satan you had us believe in you”
The hotel was the headquarters for the church of Satan in California
The cover of the Hotel California Album has a demon in the background in the balcony

Yoko Ono - “Kiss Kiss Kiss”, backwards it’s “666”

Cheap Trick - “Gonna Raise Hell”
Message - “Satan holds the key to the lock”

ELO - “El Dorado”
Message - “He is the nasty one …. Everyone who has the mark will live” 

Led Zeppelin - “Stairway to Heaven”
Message - “Oh my sweet Satan, you’ve been a bad boy … 666”

Sound Garden - “665”
Message - “Santa I love you baby … got what I need”

Beatles - (Paul is dead theme)
White Album, Sgt Pepper
Message - “Turn me on dead man”, “I buried Paul”


This week in Rock News (Nov 14th, 2021)

-       ABBA’s new album ‘Voyage’ is released after 40 years and tops the charts

-       Tragedy at the Astroworld concert (YouTube) (GlobalNews)

-       Chris Daughtry’s step-daughter dies, and cause under investigation

-       Roger Daltrey disses the Rolling Stones


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