Inside Rock

RUSH (Part 1) (# 036)

February 03, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 6
Inside Rock
RUSH (Part 1) (# 036)
Show Notes

RUSH (Part #1) (S3-E6)

 In Part #1 of this two-part series, the JabberGuys and their special guest ‘The GIZ’ look back at the iconic Canadian band RUSH… forming in the late 1960s in Toronto, Canada they made their mark on rock history and became known for their complex musical compositions and unique style.

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Giz brought some limited production RUSH Beer… (Link for pic)

The early years … Alex Lifeson quits school and starts the band (1968)

Original lineup: Alex Lifeson, John Rutsey, Jeff Jones

‘Geddy Lee’ (Gary Lee Weinrib) joins the band (because he had a bass amp)

Ray Daniells joins to manage the band (Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, John Rutsey)

Difficulty getting record companies to pay attention, until…

Donna Halper, Cleveland DJ starts the ball rolling by giving “Working Man” radio airtime 

Rutsey leaves the band due to health issues

The band drives 300-400 miles a night in a rental car, then they move up to a station-wagon for about 10 years.  Finally upgrading to the ‘Funcraft’ van.

RUSH has a drinking session with Thin Lizzy in the Funcraft

RUSH recruits Neil Peart for an audition to replace Rutsey, who was working as a parts manager for his dad’s factory supply store in Beamsville, Ontario

(Aug 1974) RUSH opens for Uriah Heap and Manfred Man, Neil Peart’s first concert with the band, having only 2 weeks to prepare for the concert

Neil Peart, a very well-read and talented guy, takes on lyricist duties along with his drumming

RUSH opens for KISS across Canada (a few stories there…)


Music Producer - Terry Brown

The media and the critics were not kind to RUSH and Geddy

(1976) “2112” album was a risk, and it worked… hitting #5 in Canada and going double platinum

Extensive touring schedule while maintaining family

All members of RUSH are recognized by their peers as very talented musicians

(1977) Farewell to Kings
(1978) Hemispheres

Rock News (week of Jan 25, 2022)
- Neil Young gives SPOTIFY an ultimatum (Bye Bye Neil Young)
- Meat Loaf dies
- Howard Stern should just “Shut Up”
- Happy birthday Eddie Van Halen

Watch for the RUSH (Part 2) podcast to be released February 17, 2022

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